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The third generation of the Toyota Camry in all markets outside Japan. 1991-1996 was also called the XV10 series of Camry vehicles.

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My toyota camry ac is not cooling but the fan runs

how do i fix my air condition

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Have you tried cleaning the condenser on it. This is the radiator looking thing that sits in front of your radiator and is how it releases the heat. Just spray with the water house from the back side to the front {from the engine side} be sure not to have a lot of pressure you will bend the coil fins. You can also rinse the front of it off by looking through your front grill you will see the coil clean off any bugs and debris that may block air flow. If still not cooling go to Wal Mart get s can of the 134A recharge for A/C {the one that has a gage} follow the directions for charging but make sure not to over charge. You don't want the pressure to go above 25-30 psi when at idle.. Good luck

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