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The Canon AE-1 is a 35 mm single-lens reflex (SLR) film camera for use with interchangeable lenses.

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Why is the shutter magnet stuck?

After a trip to the sand dunes, I guess sand got into the camera because my camera started taking pictures as I pulled the film advance lever (and apparently this happens if dust or particles, like sand, interferes with the magnet.)

So... I decided to clean the magnet and fool around with the mechanics at the bottom of the camera. I eventually got the magnet to stick to the coils on its own.

BUT NOW... The problem is that the magnet can't detach from the coils on its own. I have to manually move the magnet if I want a picture taken. Does anyone know how to unstick the magnet without having to replace the magnet?

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I have a Canon AE-1 program. It was left in a hot area. It messed up something on the inside of the camera. Is there anyway to have this type of camera repaired, or is it just not worth it?


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The magnet is an electromagnet so when current is applied it de-magnetizes for a split second to release the bar when then causes the shutter to function.

If the magnet is not releasing then the fire wires of the windings have become damaged as power is in unable to pass though it. Check to see if you damaged or dislodged something when you cleaned. If you don't see anything its time to break it into a camera repair person as you do need some specialized tools to test and repair the control circuitry as well as gain access to the needed parts.

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hello great advise and what does the magnet look like after you take the cover off?



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Here's an image with the bottom removed: Bottom cover removed. Do you see the two copper coils at the bottom under the plastic cover thats the release electromagnet.


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Hello good afternoon!

I was reading the mentioned problem and if you enjoy with my ... so in my case the electro magnet does not stick to be able to engage the movie ... is it dirt that is preventing ??? Any help is welcome, grateful (Celso do Brasil)

Ola, boa tarde!

Estava lendo o problema mencionado e se aprece com o meu... so que no meu caso o eletro imã não gruda para poder engatilhar o filme... será que é sujeira que esta impedindo??? Qualquer ajuda é bem vinda, grato (Celso do Brasil)

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