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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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Error code on Kenmore Microwave Model 401.88522011?

When unit is plugged in and turned on, a "TE" is displayed and none of the touch buttons will do anything. The interior light works, and the little display near bottom of front is where the error is displayed. Nothing else works.

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Wesley Bush, the TE error code indicates that you have a problem with the touch keypad communication between the control panel and the main control circuit board. You could try and see if you have a "gunked" up touch panel, if the ribbon cables are still okay and properly seated. To remove the keypad / control board from the microwave, there are three screws on the bottom at the front to remove. Once those are removed, the keypad is held on by clips. Slide the entire keypad to the left and it should come loose. After it is loose, carefully remove all the wired connectors to the microwave. Please remember that working on microwaves can be extremely dangerous and I'd suggest to either have it repaired by a professional or to replace the microwave. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I'll chime in on the code problem!. My model 401.88523011 just popped code TE, this happened before ,was under warranty. I agree with you all , I will never buy kenmore appliances again. 4 kenmore elite appliances at 4 yrs old all have had big problems with them all, dealing with three appliances at one time. Ridiculous!! Sorry for the rante, FRUSTRATED. THEY DO HAVE NO PROBLEM SAYING; WILL SEND A TECH RIGHT OUT, MEANTIME LOSE A DAY WORK BECAUSE I MADE A MISTAKE AND KENCRAPMORE APPLIANCES!!!!


Update, I 've realized that sears sold me model# 401.88523011 in july 2011. This is the same time of the post from Kevin!. So they sold me a NEW microwave THAT NO LONGER HAD A TOUCH PAD REPLACEMENT AVALIABLE!, THAT IS SCREWED UP, I'LL BE CONTACTING MY ATTORNY!!!!!!



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