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7,9 Zoll Display / Modell A1455 / Verfügbar in schwarz und weiß / Angekündigt am 23. Oktober 2012 / 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität

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Replacing the front glass only

Hello folks I have read the guide on replacing the front glass.

But I'm a little confused about what I'm reading , I'm wanting to replace the front glass only , not the LCD , the mininipad works just fine , except for the broken glass , in fact I'm writing this post from my broken glass , I just put a clear sheet over it and it works just fine.

I'm just wanting to replace the glass only, I'm quite savvy in computer repairs but I'm into research and reading up on before I take the plung.

So following the instruction in layout guide will I have to do everything involved to just replaceing the glass ,if so no problem.

Thank you............Robert

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I need help too!


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Yes. Do everything in the front assembly guide

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Yes the guide is good but check out a few videos on the repair on YouTube this will give u a great insight of what to expect .

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