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Repair guides and support for smartphones in the Curve line produced by BlackBerry since 2007.

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My trackpad and keypad are temperatmental on BlackBerry Curve 9320?

So the trackpad on my blackberry goes from not working at all to working just fine and the keypad does the same thing. The lock screen button on the top of the phone has also become hypersensitive and responds to the slightest touch, making my phone go crazy. This is the second blackberry I've had and after a couple of years, blackberrys just seem to break down; any advice?

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Do you keep the Blackberry in question in your pocket, or on your belt. There's a good chance that if you routinely keep it in your pocket, a quantity of lint has crept in. You're going to need to take apart the entire case, and remove the keyboard pad. (it's a one piece jelly keypad). There aren't that many parts to the case, and there are video's on YouTube describing the tear down. Inspect for and then gently blow out the dust. Inspect the jelly keyboard also to insure that it is debris free. The trackpad issue has me a bit confounded, as the lint was a big problem with the track ball on the older model. I'm not sure about the trackpad. To disassemble the case you'll need a guitar pick or credit card to split the case, and I believe you'll need a small TORX screwdriver to remove a few screws.

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can i download key pad onto the screen

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