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A new iteration of the set-top box, a side-set box. Chromecast connects to your Wi-Fi network to stream content from your compatible device to your television.

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Red light no matter what?

Hi, I have a google chromecast and when I set it up everything worked perfectly. I unplugged it for the night and then I plugged it back in and it had a red light. I tried factory resetting it but the light still stayed red and the reset button is not stuck. Anything that I can do?


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Try swapping out the USB cable that comes with it, apparently several people were given a cheap faulty USB cable that would stop working after a day or two. Many have found salvation by using a known good USB cable. Let me know if this doesn't work. Oh as far as the reset button you should feel a definite click, if you don't press the button repeatedly to loosen it up.

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Changing the usb cable worked for me. thanks so much!! such a simple solution but had me stumped. thanks again.


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Mine did the same. My Ccast remained plugged in and working great for a few months. Then one day, I noticed the LED was off.

I have tried many power supplies and cables. No luck. Even with a USB inline volt and ammeter plumbed into the supply. It shows no current draw from the C-cast.

Anyone else have this. ??

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i am using the chromecast 2 audio only mode with 4k hdmi converter, red light always blinking bt it extracted audio perfectly.

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When I turn on the chrome cast the white light is blinking. But it is not showing in my device

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