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The V2000 is a Compaq Presario notebook computer developed by HP under the Compaq name. The V2000 is the sibling of the HP DV1000, so the two share many features and specifications, though the DV1000 cost about USD $100 more when both computers were sold in the early 2000s.

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Device does not power on after re-assembly

I replaced the power jack on Presario V2000. After re-assmbly, it does not power on. I believe I have connected everything properly. Can someone help please???

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Rodrigues, when you say you've replaced the power jack, does that mean soldering as well?


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Hi Gary, thanks for your reply. . , that involved soldering as well. In fact while I was reassembling twice the laptop powered on. However it was starting automatically and was not rezponding on the power button. There was nothing on the display also. Now even that's not happening. Any idea what could be wrong? Thanks again. . Regards,RoRodriguez

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You say it powered up on its own without a battery or power source? that's weird! Might I ask what led you to replace the power jack in the first place? Is it possible something might have been fried before or after the soldering?


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