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Apple rüstete das MacBook Pro 15 Zoll Unibody mit einem neuen Aluminium-Obergehäuse, das aus einem einzigen Aluminium-Block geschnitten ist, aus.

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Issue with replacement Hybrid SSD drive

I replaced my internal original 320 GB drive with a new 1TB Hybrid SSD drive and recovered everything from a Time Machine backup. So far so good, no problems there.

However, when I keep my Mac running for a day or so it starts having issues with not finding files, some application fail to start. When I try to restart the machine would not restart from the Apple menu, I have to hard boot the machine.

I am wondering whether there could be something wrong with the drive or whether I have some other issue. I saw the reports from other users being totally happy with their replacement drive, and I would be too, if the Mac was behaving normally.

Any advice someone can give? Otherwise I might have to resort to getting another drive to see whether that fixes the problem.

Many thanks in advance.

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Can you give us the last four digits of your serial number as well as the make & model of your hybrid drive. Without knowing these one would only be guessing.


Here is the disk description ST1000LM014-1EJ164, 1TB, D4E9011F-A060-368A-93FB-12AFCEE3CC68, SMART status is verified. Seagate Laptop SSHD. Don't know which is the Serial Number, but here are a few choices: 5000C50072AC2A05 or SN: W3814JVD

Hope that helps in diagnosis of the patient :-)


Can't ID your system with either number. Go to about this system and get more info you'll find it there.


It appears that the system stops seeing the disk after a certain amount of time, about a day or so, as I cannot see the disk under storage. Once I re-boot the system can see it, and there I see three volumes:

EFI, Capacity: 209.7 MB;

Macintosh HD D4E9011F-A060-368A-93FB-12AFCEE3CC68, Capacity: 999.35 GB, Available: 704 GB; Apple_HFS and a

Recovery HD 9D835AF3-2D76-3B0C-80F8-38896C294625, Apple_Boot, 650 GB

This is under SATA/SATA Express. Don't know where else to look for a number that can help.

What could cause a system to not see the disk anymore?


The HD cable.


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Replace the hard drive/IR cable. They are known to be faulty. I'd use the 821-1480-A cable. See this question: Using new hard drive cable in older machines 821-1480-A

Please let us know your results.

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Check the SMART status of the drive and try running disk utility's repair disk and repair permissions to see if that can help find the issue.

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