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High performance laptop released in March 2005.

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Cable Connector technical designation for extension

Hello, do you know what the name of the multi pin connector in step 15 is? Same for the little plug connector in step 16. I have the fujitsu t5010 model which has the same looking ones and i'm trying to separate the screen by extending the cables connected to it (so that i can use it as a semi mobile tablet).


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Step 15 and 16 of which guide?


Better yet, if you can. Take a capture of the connector. You could do this using snipping tool on windows (Vista +).


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I'm going to assume you were referring to the display replacement guide. The connector in step 15 is a 40 pin male connector, but there are many versions of the connector, so a macro-shot of it would be required to determine the manufacturer (by model number) and where to buy. A jumper (extension) for this may have to be homebrewed.

In step 16 that is a coaxial connector for the wifi antennas, extensions for these are actually easy to find. The name of the connector is the Hirose U.FL (or simply U.FL).

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Hi Dakota,

Thanks for the response. I didn't realize that the question wasn't automatically linked to the display replacement guide...

As per your recommendation, see below images of the actual connectors i want to create jumpers for:





Thanks again for your help


Hi Mistamal, those antenna connectors are definitely a U.FL. But the ones for the display are going to be hard to source, the white one is a 40 pin, but with so many different versions its going to be impossible to find with my current data. Are you able to pull some model numbers off of them, they may be small but they should be there.


Hi Dakota,

The white one shows the following designation: "H JST" & "40 UED".

The black one shows: "HRS" & "A".

Both show the pin connector numbers (1-40 range).

More detailed pictures can be seen below. I of course tried to google the denominations to no avail.












Thanks again Dakota.


This is a learning experience even for me. Looks like there is one more key piece of information needed, and that is pitch. Pitch is the spacing between the pins, it may be on the board or you may have to take a measuring instrument like a caliper to it.


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