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The Samsung Galaxy Ace II X features a 1 GHz processor, a 5MP camera, and a 800x480 TFT screen.

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My friend dropped my phone and it smashed the front screen

My friend dropped my galaxy ace 2 x down cement stairs outside. It turns on and everything, but i cant unlock it, receive calls or texts. Like i cant swipe to unlock or anything. As well i heard cause my phones so commin, that it will only cost like $50 to replace the front screen. I want my phone to get fixed but i dont know how much it'll cost. How much will it cost??

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ellainamosienkohume, here is the guide for it. Make sure you read the documentation for each step. You will need to use a hair dryer or heat gun to separate the LCD and the digitizer. The digitizer itself will cost you about $15.00 and up depending where you purchase it.

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The screen can turn on but you can't touch the screen, it seems your screen is okay but the digitizer can't work, isn't it?

So you can only replace the digitizer but not the whole screen, and it will not cost $50 so much. And the new replacement is about $15(accord to the digitizer for ACE 2, and i think they cost nearly the same ), plus pay for repair, you can get how much will cost.

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