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A tablet PC in the TravelMate series by Acer, the display rotates to allow for laptop and clipboard-style tablet options, and responds to a stylus.

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used recovery disks now have no operating system

I have a travelmate c100 that was given to me by my uncle. i tried to start with clean slate so i would have it the way it was unboxed from the factory with the recovery disks. after the first disk finished i inserted the second disk and that cleared out everything including the operating system. i can not get it to read anything and after the flash screen all that comes up is missing operating system.

could someone help me either with a new xp that i can install with the serial numbers on the machine, or at least tell me how to get the recovery disks to start reading again.

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chris, it seems that the Recovery Disk does not actually store the image for your system on itself, but rather accesses a partition on the original HD that contains the image. you may either have deleted or the partition is not available, so the CD cannot access it to restore an image. If you can get your system BIOS set to boot from CD and use a Linux LIVE CD to check the partitions on your computer, see what you find. You can of course use programs like FDisk etc as well. Also, you may want to try this place and create your own startup disk. As for a new OS, you might be better served to go out and buy a copy of Windows. Hope this helps, good luck.

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