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Eine Serie von Android Smartphones, hergestellt von Motorola Mobility seit 2013

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Digitizer + LCD, can I find them separately?

Hi, has anyone done a replacement of the digitizer on the Moto G?

I have just broken mine in a thousand pieces. I was checking online and I can only find LCD + digitizer as a combo, but since my LCD is working find, I was hoping to get just the digitizer.

Is this even possible or are they fused together?



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Hi Laura, I recently replaced the digitizer and LCD as glass alone wasn't available at the time. Would be really interested to see how you got on. Was there any gel layer as mentioned here?


Hey digitaldr,

I haven't got to it yet, as the glass hasn't arrived. I've looked at countless videos and there is indeed UV glue that keeps both parts together.

The seller from eBay from whom I got the glass suggested that I use tape instead of the glue to rebuild it, so that's what I'm gonna try. I've bought the 2mm tape to be on the safe side, didn't want something that would overstep the frame of the screen!

I've bought a molybdenum wire to help separate the LCD and the screen. Another tip I found is that you have to heat it to 65-70C to melt the glue. If it gets too hot you damage the LCD, and if it's too cold, it's very difficult.

Anyway, these are all expectations, as I haven't really got into it. In two weeks might have the glass and will hopefully do a step by step or video to show how. It doesn't seem so difficult, but is certainly delicate. Cross your fingers! :)


I wish you luck with this repair. let us know it goes.

I would suggest ordering the replacement assembly (lcd + digi) today, so it's ready to go when you break or melt the lcd trying to separate it. I'm just joshin' ya but seriously, good luck.


Hi My name is Patty. Idk if this you are discussing the same thing that I need 4 my Moto Gor not. All I do know is the screens got a few cracks from my Daughter dropping it 1 time the 1st week she got it. Its from Cricket & their warranty requires u 2 SEND the phone IN for like 2 weeks! WHO wants 2 do that & be w/out a phone that long? Not me! Lol! So I just started searching on how 2 maybe repair the screen myself. This is my 1st stop. Does this sound like the same issue? I apologize if not. If it is,is this a simple sorta fix or should I take it somewhere? I love the phone & as long as the screen etc isn't TOO expensive,I don't mind fixing it. However,if it's as much as the phone w/labor there's no point really. I may as welljust replace the phone. Is the digitizer something that's mandatory to replace the screen or can I just replace the screen? Again,Idk what your issue was/is but I just need the screen as it's cracked & kind of annoying. Thanks a bunch 4 your help! Patty S.


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It's possible but difficult. Nowadays, the digitizer and LCD are glued together, need a lot heat and deal with remove carefully. Once failed, the LCD screen will be broken too. So if you want do it, you'd better ask professional or experienced man for help, or send it to repair center.

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Thanks, Sophia!

I found a few videos showing how to do it in a lot of detail (though not for the Moto G, might make one). I bought the glass and will try it. It seems to take about two hours but isn't terribly difficult. Hopefully make a guide.

Found this video especially interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ05sPZD...


hi laura , did u try out the replacement???? how did u go about? was it successful?? kindly share the details,, thanx in avance,, :-)


I did and as Andrew predicted, it was a disaster! Either you have the machine to heat up the whole glass at the same time, melting the glue and getting it separated at once, or you're in for disappointment.

I managed to buy the glass+LCD for cheap, around $15, and ended up doing that, which was simple and effective!

Lesson learned! :)


Laura where did you purchase this from as that's a great price


Yes. . .where so inexpensive?


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recently my moto g broken by falling down under the car but tpuch is working properly but glassss damaged siviorly so whats the pro iam not able to find that can we able to get degitizer saperately and screeen separately and glass separatley any one can say that plz tel me about that is the digitizer made with diplay or made separately plz tel me if any one knows == ==

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