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Released in 2005 and better known as the VGN-FS645P.

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Why wont my computer start up

it turns on but and shows the logo at times but most of the time the screen is black.

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1) check screen brightness around the F keys.

2) boot into safe mode, see if it boots too the desktop.

3) check your bios settings. if unsure what to do here just hit load default settings.

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pcg-7a2l just wont start up sometimes logo the next time blank screen

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After shutdown , laptop not restarts .pl help


how to fix my laptop? it say ntldr is missing


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1. Does it make any sounds as soon as you switch it on? Any beeping sounds? If so, when how many.

2. If you still can access your BIOS then you can use Disc or USB flash with Windows repair kit on it.

Let me know

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