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15.6", Intel HD Graphics, Core i3 2330M, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD

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Laptop starts up, logs in but screen is blacl

When I turn on the laptop I can hear it starting up and logging in. The screen is black but if I use a flash light on the screen I can see the desktop. Any thoughts?

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my labtop del 5050 , turn on for a while ,but it have any display appear

in the screen?


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Theo, from your description it does sound like a failed backlight circuitry. Your LCD uses an LED backlight, so there are two things that could be at fault. One is the LCD panel itself or the backlight driver on your logic board. It will help if you can find any identifying numbers on your logic board so that we may find a schematic and can get you to check the backlight LED driver.

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Hello .. I would start by keyboard .. turn on the notebook and the characters will start to appear and then turn off the keyboard. perhaps, to function.

replace the battery. warm air on the motherboard, the entire board to remove the bad contacts you have on board. fall if water may have damaged some component. you have to make measurements comparing with another card if you have this option.

bye bye ..Use Translation Google

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Maybe it can be

- Backlight damaged after years

- LCD Cable is not correct connectet

- water in your laptop?

- LCD damaged and you need replacement

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