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Do you need to cure the digitizer/glass adhesive?


I find after laying an iPad mini digitizer down (any ipad really) the adhesive does not completely hold the digitizer/glass down securely in all areas. Would the customer notice? Probably not but I am picky in that sense. Do you need to "cure" the adhesive somehow to secure the bond?

Thanks you!

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Although Con's idea method is valid and I'm sure works we simply use stronger adhesive and make sure you cover ALL the way into the corners and cut of the piece that is sticking out. Then use the heat gun to form that bond even more! Makes the repair process even faster! Also check out

g-tools if you haven't already as they make the corners perfect for the screens to fit into.

And yes, customers are anal and will notice!

Hope this helps!!

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Thank you for your advice as well! Would you clamp and then heat ? and for how long would you heat?

Thank you.


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I used to heat and clamp and glue--but my advice is that professional adhesive combined with perfect technique eliminates all that.

1.)--remove all traces of old adhesive with a sticker remover pen.

2.) ---research how the flex cables should lie for the device. On the mini almost everyone allows the digitizer flex to fold toward the outside edge. This will cause a screen lift. Instead bend it in toward the LCD, and tuck gently under LCD as in original.

3.) on mini--make sure the LCD shield has no dents--this will cause a lift

4.) apply adhesive stickers ---benji at bowler tech has some great thoughts on adhesives

5.)--fit screen and seal with heat gun and then rubbing of screen edges. Professional. No glue.

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I use the strips and also a tad of gorilla glue on the corners and in the centre edges and hold it down with clamps for 3 hours to let it all set

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That is great advice!

I noticed the adhesive covers the corners. Do you than place the gorilla glue in between the adhesive and the housing?

Good place to get some safe clamps?


Doesn't that prevent a problem down the road when perhaps a battery needs to be replaced and the screen is not broken? Wouldn't that make it very unlikely that the screen can be removed without breaking?

Also, my own experiences with gorilla glue (not in mobile devices, but general experience) is that it swells as it cures. It seems that would actually work against the adhesive .


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