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My MacBook wont work unless plugged into charger

My Mac wont charge or hold a charge. It will power on but only works if plugged in and as soon as it is unplugged it shuts off. Sometimes it says 0% and looks like it wants to charge and sometimes it just has a X in the battery icon. Have replaced battery once, still wont hold charge.

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It's not the battery, the logic board where the battery cibector connects to it looks like it burned or something though


There's your problem then... replace the logic board, or, get someone to repair it... that's not a DIY project.


It's possible to just replace what ever broke on the logic board and not the whole board itself? Where would I take it to do that?


That depends on what it is and what it looks like. Also, you will need to at least know how to solder and have the tools to do so. Post an image of your connector etc. with your original question. Also post your computers serial number so we can properly identify your computer and the logicboard.


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Sometimes new batteries are bad right out of the box... especially the cheap Chinese ones. Talk to your supplier. At one time BestBuy had a bunch of bad batteries they were selling.

I once had strange behavior from a battery (X in menu bar sometimes, not charging sometimes, not powering on) turns out the battery was cracked. You couldn't tell until you lifted the battery out of the computer and held it by one side only. Apparently the way I picked up the computer would/wouldn't torque the case enough to cause/stop the behavior by opening or closing the crack.

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I must have this same thing; my computer will run when the AC adapter is plugged in, and it will run on battery power. However, it won't charge the battery, unless I am sitting in a particular chair that forces me to hold the laptop at a certain angle. Only in that circumstance will the AC adapter charge the battery.


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Check battery condition .

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