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The Asus X551CA is a 396.2 mm laptop computer with convenient features for everyday use.

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Why does my computer freeze and turn off when the fan gets loud?

The fan gets louder and my computer feels like its working extremely hard when it is sitting on my lap then it freezes and/or turns off. It also gets pretty warm on the bottom to the touch, could my computer be overheating?

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My first recommendation would be to keep the laptop in a place where the fan can be ventilated. If the laptop is being used on your lap then this may prevent the fan from circulating cool air into the interior of the laptop, therefore cooling it down. If this does not seem to work then the fan and/or heat sink my need to be replaced. Both of these can be replaced to prevent overheating in the laptop.

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your system have a clog in it ,you need to open it up then get a an of compressed air . disconnect all power then blow it clean .If you have a processer cooler( Heatsink) take it out and wash it or simple replace it.

Your fan is on a auto control circuit if needed you can go into the bios setupat start up by pressing f2 as you turn it on,then readjust the thermal control. Hope this helps. email me at14living@live.com it you need help. My Name is George or call me 3154761706


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Either you fan is clogged or the fan motor is bad and drawing too much current. Try putting a small drop of oil on the shaft that runs into the fan motor,the shaft yhe fan is on.

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Your computer has a temperature sensor that runs the fan faster when it senses its CPU chip is getting too warm. If the increased fan speed doesn't keep the temperature from reaching a preset maximum, then the computer will turn itself off to prevent damage. The symptoms you describe match this scenario exactly.

There could be a couple reasons it's overheating:

1. You might be blocking the vents when you set it on your lap. (Try placing it on something flat like a cutting board.)

2. The fan might be clogged with dust, or maybe if you're lucky just the vent holes for it.

These are the most likely. But possibly you need to replace the fan.

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Heyy !!!.my pc mouse cursor gets stuck after 5 minutes ...........

Then its off and huge fan starts loudly......

Please fixx that

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