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Floor lamps are lights that sit on the floor. They are not table lamps, which are designed to sit on tables. Floor lamps are usually taller than table lamps.

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Where can I find power supply adapter for Ikea Spoka?

My power supply of the Ikea Spoka lamp is busted. It has been proven !@#$ to try to find an adapter that is specifically designed to output 4.8V DC and 400mA - too specific for Google, I assume. I tried the Ikea website but they don't seem to sell replacement parts.

Grateful if someone can point me to a website where I can get a similar power supply for the LED lamp. Love the lamp, don't want to just discard it.

Many thanks!

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Simon Wing Tsuen Ho, just checked the instruction manual for the SPÖKA LED night light and 5V 500mA will work just fine. Biggest issue will be to match the barrel adapter. As in suggesting a website, that will depend on where you are located. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you for your prompt response! Is there any website I can find that will ship to the States?


If you are in the US go to any of the major department stores and purchase a universal adapter. Those come with variable voltages as well as various interchangeable barrel adapters


Thanks oldturkey03. Unfortunately I don't get to go to department stores that easily because I work on ships and I'm always stuck. Buying from websites and have them sent to the ship address is the best route to go for me.


Something like this http://www.amazon.com/PowerLine-Compatib... should work for you. Amazon does ship as well:-) If that does not work for you, measure the barrel on your lamp and let us know what size it is. I have plenty of those and do not mind shipping it to you.


Thanks! That's what I need to look for!


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