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The Epson Stylus Photo R2400 is a color inkjet photo printer made by Epson and marketed towards photography enthusiasts and professionals.

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paper does not load straight

The right side of paper loads properly but the left side does not laod properly so the paper wrinkles and jams. It seems like the side loading rollers are not working.

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Some WD40 on a kleenex and wiped on the roller bar just might solve your problem.

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+ '''roughing the roller(s) with an emory board or pencil eraser can break glazing that occurs with use of poorly calendered paper. N.


thanks "head' good thinking


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I am having the same problem with the Epson Stylus R200. It was in storage for some time, do you think that WD40 might help mine too? I have used it rarely, and it should serve me for some time yet, but loads asckew, exactly like he said. LLPier

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