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1.6, 1.8, or 2 GHz G5 processor

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Wiring diagram or pin layout for invertor

Hi, I have a iMac G5 17" computer with a dead motherboard and in tact screen and inverter. I pulled the LCD panel and was wondering if I could figure out the pin layout and power requirements for the inverter and the pin layout for the Screen itself then I could hook it up to a normal PC Computer or use it as a secondary screen. Does anyone have any information that could help me? Thank you.

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hi markus, this is in no way cost effective. you need a converter from your computer output to the lvds connector of the lcd. the part costs almost as much as a new 19" monitor (~60€ +shipping, customs and so on (in germany is the GDSK - they handle the customs stuff - but they charge you 26€ for that "service"). whats wrong with the logicboard of your iMac ???

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Well im not completely sure, I ended up just taking everything apart and not worrying about it, I was more interested in using the screens but after seeing all the help here I might start troubleshooting and seeing whats going on. I know their were a few blown caps and maybe some smaller on board damage done.


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You need this i think

iMac G5 17" Model A1058 Inverter pinout 6 pin

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