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The Blackberry Storm is RIM's first touch screen phone released in November 2008.

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Why does my screen randomly display static?

Sometimes after I'm done sending or text, or end a call, my display seems to crash and shows an unusual "static" like image. It almost looks like what happens on a TV when you switch to a channel that doesn't exist or have signal. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to when this happens, but I do notice that it happens more often when I return to my home screen. Does anyone have advice on how to fix this problem??

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It turns out that this is a typical problem with the Blackberry Storm 9530. It is specifically called a snow screen, and is caused by a hardware malfunction or disconnection. To temporarily solve the problem, restart the phone by taking out the battery (see battery replacement). But in order to fix the problem for good, you should either replace the motherboard, or take it in to your service provider and have them do it for you.

Hope this helped!

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