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iPhone 4s earpiece not working tried replacing

Hi, I have experienced this a few times, I had a phone come in and the earpiece does not work, I changed the proximity sensor as the power button didnt work either and also changed the earpiece but that still does not work, what else apart from the earpiece and the contact strips on the board can prevent the earpiece from working? Thanks

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Sounds like you have a bad audio chip, almost impossible to fix, sorry, if you had a 4 instead of a 4S I would have an easy fix, the only other option would be that the headphone jack is dirty or has failed and is stuck on headphone mode so all audio is being sent there when on a call, try this make a call take the phone away from your ear watch the screen, turn volume up and down while on call and see if the volume on the screen says (heaphones) while your adjusting volume if it does than you need to clean or replace the headphone jack, good luck.

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Well the earpiece is only stuck to the proximty power cable so either u have damaged the cable or it's not plugged in correctly..

And make sure u have the earpeice installed the correct way with the gold prongs pointing toward the top of the phone

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Hi, thanks for your reply, I know the earpiece is only stuck to the prox I was just explaining that got changed also. Yes the gold prongs are facing towards the top of the phone, I have tried 4 new earpiece and still not working, I am wondering if there is anything else that can stop the earpiece from functioning?


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