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1.6, 1.8, or 2 GHz G5 processor

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iMac g5 doesn´t start

So what's wrong?

What seems to be the problem is that The iMac gets stuck on this grey start up screen Then the fan goes crazy as I have a feeling it gets stuck and doesn't know what to do next...

Maybe it needs a fresh install of an operating system but I'm not sure, I don't own an operating system for the computer that I can put on as got the iMac from my old high school. I have had a look inside and all the LED's seem to show that the hardware is working properly .

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Is there any icon on the gray startup screen?


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With the G5 iMac there has been a problem with bad capacitors. I am including a link to a previous discussion about this. Please check it out and see if there is any similarity to your problem. If not please get back to us and we will look into your problem some more. Good luck. Ralph

Replacing the capacitors on a iMac G5

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Pretty good guide to fix the capacitor problem here. As i stated earlier - lead free soldering on multi layer boards is not really easy. Try it on a dummy first before getting to the real stuff. I ruined the first board i tried it on, the second one is just playing sweet music to me, this very moment ;-)

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