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The Nokia 3310, released in 2000, is known for being incredibly durable.

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How can I repair the keyboard?

One of the buttons doesn't work and doesnt make the klicking sound, two more buttons don't work, but klick.

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Please help my Nokia 3310 screen is not showing


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Disassemble the phone and remove the white keyboard pad. Clean the place of keys at the mother board with alcohol. Check the keyboard pad. For the button that not making click you have damaged or displaced cap. If this not help you, then you have a hardware problem. Most often this is damaged / interrupted lines.


P.S. This phone was really great !!!

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Thank you, I followed your instructions and the keyboard is now working. I even thought about going to the repair service and selling the poor thing for parts, but then I got the email from ifixit and repaired it. Thank you, thank you and thank you again.


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