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Model A1236 / 4 oder 8 GB Speicherkapazität

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back light is very dim

The Back light on the iPod is very dim. Altering the settings makes no difference. How can I fix this?

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Here is a link to service providing repair guides. Just select yours from the list and you should find your answer. Just double checked and for some reason it skips from second gen to 4th gen. Perhaps looking at both will help[ you. I am including Apples troubleshooting guide. Good luck.



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+ looks good


Didnt help me :/ Still dim


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Nothing I tried fixed this problem, including resetting and restarting

until I did this:

1- Go to the Brightness screen in Settings, change slider to under 20% and click OK (center button)

2- Press Play for 10 seconds or so until iPod powers off

3- Press Play again to wake it up

4- Go to Brightness again and slide it close to max anc click OK

Voila, it's back to full brigthness!

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OMG thank you so much!


Didnt help me :( I think mine is doom


I tried this but it didnt help Everything works great except i can't see the screen. No more listening to books on this baby. Thanks for the help though. Nice to know you all are there


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iPod dim display or screen.

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Good Luck,


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These unanswered questions are a great example of "Sometimes something is not better than nothing." I'm not trying to be a jerk, but if you answer a question, please offer some expertise rather than iterations of "look it up."


Did that comment carry a down vote?


It did, for the sole reason that I do not believe the answer presented a viable response to the question. Apparently, three other people (at the time of this comment) agreed with me, as they also downvoted.

Look, this really isn't a personal thing. I have seen your other answers in the past and I know you can offer good answers (and I have upvoted your answers before). But to offer such generic answers to specific questions is neither helpful nor respectful to the asker. Some effort exerted when crafting an answer would go a long way...


I'm confused There's all this concern and fuss about unanswered Questions. A search will provide solutions, there's a search box just for that purpose. My directions show how to answer a DIY problem with a DIY Answer. If the person can't do a search what can they do themselves? If they can't take time to search why should I (or you) do it for them?


Further in 4 months that was the only help anyone had offered. So please consider changing your down vote.


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