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Zweite Generation des CDMA iPad mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität und Dual Core A5 Prozessor. Modell Nummer A1397. Reparatur verlangt Feingefühl, Hitzezufuhr und Hebeln.

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Cracked screen fixed but now colors are wacked. Logic board bad?

I had a cracked screen in my iPad2 3g. Worked OK except for the screen. Felt like the repair would be too much for me so I took it to a repair shop that advertised fixes. They replaced the screen in about 90 minutes but now the display is all red. They said they tried a couple of different screens but they all ended up with the color issue, and diagnosed the problem as a logic board issue. Sound right?

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yes, but totally repairable.

i fixed one like this before and it turned out to be one of the tiny little components right near where the LCD flex plugs into the board. just replaced that one little filter and display was normal again.

This is the shop's fault--it is pry damage.

feel free to contact me via my profile if you need help finding a place that does board level repairs like this

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Any chance re-seating or replacing the LCD display cable might help?


sure--but while you're at it, look really closely under magnification for board damage. btw--since the shop removed the original adhesive, i bet your screen will come off really easily now with just a little bit of heat. watch a video to know where the wifi and power flex cables are, and then give it a look. if the devices is powered off it is safe to try and reseat the connector and have a look around


Thanks, Jessa, Josh and Rany! This is super helpful. I'll be in touch Jessa.


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totally agree with Jess

If you use metal pry tools instead of plastic, you can cause issues like the one you are having. Its an expensive lesson to learn but that shop needs to learn it. Chances are they grabbed the LCD cable with a pair of pliers and blew a filter.

Plastic tools people!

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