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A water-resistant fitness tracking wristband by Fitbit, released May 2013.

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Does Fitbit Flex keep track of steps on a treadmill?

Does the Fitbit Flex keep track of my steps on the treadmill if I am holding onto the bars and not moving my arms ?

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If they haven’t figured a fix for the most used exercise by all what’s the point? I used my arms and it counted regularly 6 steps for every 50 if I was lucky


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Hey there rohrbaugh2000,

Most fitness trackers (including the fitbit flex) use an accelerometer to track steps. This means that there needs to be movement in order for step tracking to work.

If you don't move your arms as you walk on the treadmill, the device will likely miscount steps. There are some remedies to this problem however! Depending on your gait, sometimes putting the device on your ankle (if you can fit the band around your ankle) will work! For some devices, putting the device in a pocket will work (this one is way less likely to work, but you never know!).

Good luck!


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Plus add riding a stand still bike, etc if it doesn’t track any income gym activity it’s a big FAIL


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