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Model M7886 / 450 MHz or 500 MHz PowerPC 7400/7410 (G4) Processor

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cannot connect to airport- why?

booted the cube up after 2 years in mothballs-

everything seems fine, but I can't log in to my verizon acct.

it doesn't accept my password-after 20 tries-

I'll ask you…


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Are you able to even see the AP from within the AirPort menu?

Your Cube has either OS-9 or OS-X 10.4.x (Tiger) so it has limits on what encryption standards it supports. In addition the AirPort was limited to 802.11b so your AP must be able to support the connection and setup to allow it to connect with basic WEP or no encryption.

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this is what I was wondering about-

and I'm over my head in this, too.

I have wifi 802.11n, right?

is there any way to change the encryption standard?

thanks for your help, too ( is there some sort of adapter out there to add on?)


I think your best answer here is to connect via Ethernet to an AirPort Express to then connect via WiFi to your current internet AP device (Verizon Cable modem) if you can't run a Ethernet cable to it from were your G4 cube will be placed. Basically not using WiFi on your G4 at all and using the AirPort Express as your WiFi adapter.


that's just what I ended up doing- and it works!



Happy to hear you got this beauty running again. It set in motion building small footprint desktops. The Mac mini being Apples next attempt which has been a mainstay system for over 10 years now.


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