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The Nokia Lumia 920, developed by Nokia and released in November 2012, utilizes Windows Phone 8 operating system.

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Touchscreen on the Nokia Lumia 920 does not function

I had the front panel glass replaced. And now the digitizer does not respond on the Nokia lumia 920. Nor the home and return bottons at the bottom.

Has anybody heard of this problem before?

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I have the same issue, i have replace Full LCD Display Touch Screen Glass Panel Digitizer Frame but still no any reaction touching.Looks like touchscreen is not working


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It sounds like whoever might have put the new screen probably got a new glass insert without the digitizer actually assembled on it. I would take it back to whoever repaired it and ask them to fix their mistake.

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A bad screen. That was the issue.

DonleySeibel was right.

I disassembled the Lumia 920, and replaced the digitizer/LCD Assembly

With a new one. The screen works great.

An issue popped up.

The volume goes to max to min and vis-versa with the headphones


I am geussing a bad contact. I will have to open it again.


Update: My friend sat on it again.

He called me up and asked me how much it would cost him for me to replace it once again.

The saga continues...


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digitizers stop working on newr updates due to cyan and amber not allowing non genuine digitzers to work-- something to do with ic chip and settings on firmware :)

downgrade if you get this problem and hard reset nor screen change fixes it :)

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Thanks Matt.

I will tell my friend to keep an eye on it.


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The mainboard is flimsy and pretty durable. However, after installing my nth 920 screen I accidentally bent the board too much. Didn't realize it was that big of a deal until it didn't respond to touch. I tested the screen in another phone and it works fine. I can also get the screen to work if I dont put the case on the phone and bend the mainboard in the right way.

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