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Die Neuauflage des Apple 13" MacBook Air von April 2014 wurde mit Dual-Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren aufgefrischt. Die Akkulaufzeit wurde etwas verbessert.

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Can I upgrade the memory ram in a Mabook Air Early 2014?

can i upgrade the memory ram in a Mabook Air 2014?

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That"sBS! hy don't they tell you that when you buy it?


Let me suggest that adding memory to a computer with a solid state drive will make much less difference than for one with a hard drive. When you exceed memory capacity the computer goes to 'swap memory', using the storage device. For computers with a spinning hard drive this slows things down immensely, but the hit is not so much for a computer with a solid state drive; it's basically the same thing as the memory chips. Different bus will slow things down, but not hugely.

So I would hazard that upgrading the memory in a macbook air just wouldn't be worth it even if you could do it yourself.


Very true Brian! But... You need to have free space on the SSD drive which is often forgotten! I strongly recommend leaving 1/4 to 1/3 of the drive free. The larger free space on smaller SSD's.


@ joan clawson: Apple DOES tell you!!! People can't read or choose not to read. The website shows "Memory 4GB of 1600MHz LPDDR3 onboard memory Configurable to 8GB." and when you click "BUY", you see a button "How much memory is right for you?" If you click that button, you see a full explanation of memory with "it is important to upgrade at the time of purchase, as RAM is not upgradeable in this model." For 2014, it was even more direct, with no need to click any "How much memory is right for you?" button. The warning was right out in the open in the choices of memory. Did you expect the website to have one inch high letters warning "MEMORY IS ON-BOARD. YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT AFTER PURCHASE"???


Apple assumes (perhaps not rightfully) that in 2016, buyers know that the new technology is on-board memory (which is faster, like a cell phone's memory), and removable RAM sticks are outdated technology.


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Sadly, no

Apple soldered the RAM to the logic board.

The good news here is sometime in the future you should be able to upgrade the SSD, its replaceable! Presently there are a few vendors looking at making upgrades for this series just not available yet.

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As of 2.5 years later, the only aftermarket vendor who makes SSDs compatible with laptops from mid-2013 or later is still OtherWorld Computing/OWC. Fortunately, OWC's cards can be swapped between MacBook Pro Retinas and MacBook Airs from this period.

Update (07/01/2019)

Additional options have appeared since my previous comment re OWC.

1) Transcend (a Mac manufacturer/retailer for many decades) now features a lineup of SSDs with Apple's connector. These are available in x2 and x4 PCI-e variants, in variants for pre-PCI-e 2010-early 2013 MB Airs and MB Pro-Retinas, with and without external enclosures.

2) A number of Chinese OEMs are retailing adapters for Apple's customized Late 2013+ connector, which allow the user to install common industry M-key m.2 PCI-e SSDs. Simtech is the most widely advertised of these OEMs; they may be the primary manufacturer for the other retailers.

There are a couple of caveats for these adapters. Simtech lists a limited range of m.2 SSDs as compatible; others are listed as not compatible. Most SSDs aren't listed at all, so you take your chances. Simtech (and some other retailers) list these adapters/SSDs as being resistant to deep sleep; you have to restart the computer after sleep kicks in.

That said, I moved my earlier 2012 MacBook Air to a SATA adapter with a B+M-key m.2 SSD from Micron, and the assembly has worked fine. I've had no sleep issues at all in six months. I have a driveless 2014 MBA that's currently dead; in the even I can get it to power up, I think I'll try an adapter plus a standard m.2 PCI-e, just to see what happens.

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I said RAM, not SSD storage. I know the diff, and I'm sure you do too.

8GB of RAM is not quite enough for some heavy MainStage (music instruments hosting) work. I'm getting by on the 500 GB SSD storage* just fine. Though I did put a 2TB blade SSD from OWC in a 2015 MBP very recently. Cost almost as much as the laptop did! Of course the laptop was 2nd hand, but it's great now. It's the memory* on the Air that could use some beefing up, but sadly, that's not to be. Still works okay. I just have to streamline my MainStage Concert.


The air is okay for general use but if you plan on doing anything performance intensive you should certainly get the Macbook Pro. I would like to be able to upgrade RAM but these are disposable computers nowadays. My 2012 15" MacBook Pro might be my last Mac laptop. The Mac Pro is looking good though.


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short answer no you can’t long answer yes if you go on ebay or a part retailer you can probably get a new logic board and thats what the ram is sottered onto look for that and swap it out with the old one. save the old one though cause with an adapter you can connect that to a monitor or tv and it will run

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