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The Sony Digital Projector model VPL-ES1 is a multimedia projector produced by Sony between 2003 and 2005.

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A Corner of the Mirror in front of the lamp is damaged


Thanks for showing internal parts of VPL-ES1. I have ES2 which is similar to ES1. Few days back its lamp stoped functioning.

I removed lamp as shown in step 2 & 3 (Sony Digital Projector VPL-ES1 Teardown).

But while removing it damaged corners of the mirror, which is in front of the lamp.

The mirror is shown in step 19 (Sony Digital Projector VPL-ES1 Teardown).

If I don't change the mirror, will the image quality affect after putting new lamp in the projector.

Local Sony enigineer says it will not affect.

But i don't to buy a new lamp and later realize that projector is not working because of broken mirror.

Please reply.

Thanks and Regards,

Rahul Borgaonkar, India

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like always -> the dose makes the poison

depending on the size of the damage - wou will see or not see the damaged corners. but in common - optics tending to deliver unsharper details in the corners - so many problems will never be seen - and some optics are larger than the area the are reproducing - so i would trust the sony engineer and would change the lamp

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