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Repair guides for various Nikon camera accessories.

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Remove a stripped lens mount screw from Nikon 300mm f/4.5 AI-s lens?

I'm trying to remove the lens mount, so that I can disassemble and clean a vintage 300mm lens (something is on the interior elements--possibly oil from an ill advised attempt to lubricate a sticky focus mechanism) . Problem is, the screws holding the lens mount on are JIS, not phillips, and one of them is now stripped--the stripped screw is size 00. The other screws are can be screwed out quite easily with JIS screwdrivers. Tried the rubber band trick.

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Try heating it up a bit (heavy duty soldering iron), the loctite used on the screws will soften a bit which might allow you to get it out.

Otherwise its time for a drill to pop the head off. Then you should be able to grasp the shank of the screw with a pin vise or carefully slot the top for a straight blade.

Mind the metal flakes as you don't want them to get in to the diaphragm control mechanism.

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