AC-Netzadapter für MacBook, MacBookPro und MacBook Air

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Charger not charging the battery but can operate the PC.

I tried to open both sides of the charger (magsafe side and charger side) no short circuit was observed. However when checked with the meter pin 1 & 2 shows momentarily short circuit only. However the pc is operating while connected to the charger but no battery charging occurs. Charging light is also not on.

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From the sounds of it, I suspect your MagSafe connects are dirty and/or the systems SMC services needs a reset.

Generally I don't recommend opening up the chargers as they are fuse welded and you often can't seal them back up as tight as they where after opening. Please be careful here as you can hurt your self or start a fire.

Try cleaning the contacts on both the charger and the system with a slightly damp cotton swab (Q-Tip) with a good grade of Isopropyl alcohol (85% or better).

Review this Apple TN on resetting the SMC services: Intel-based Macs - Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC). It will walk you thought the needed steps.

I would also download this little gem: coconutBattery. It will report to you what the SMC service of your system see's on the state of the battery and the charger. Post a screen shot here for us to see.

We also need to know what system you have. Can you give us the last four digits of your serial number so we can correctly identify your system.

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Thanks so much for your response. However I wish to add that my macbook is charging normally with another charger so it is not SMC related problem or Magsafe contacts. Mostly I am suspecting the charger internal electronic component faults.


Thats good news it works without any problems off of another charger! Still, I would get coconutBattery as it can tell you whats happening with the charger from the systems point of view (its free).


Sadly, Apple doesn't offer any schematics on the chargers nor repairs them. At this point I would say its' time for a new charger and trash this one.


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