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Turns off, resets itself, vibrates randomly!

3g, had it for 2 years, started going nuts 2 months ago - turns off, resets itself, vibrates completely randomly, goes to the shut off screen (slide to power off or cancel) also randomly - its a bundle of joy, really :) has been dropped a few times but not in a very long while - taken to apple store, they tried to "repair" it but i dont think they even know where to start

any advice? totally desperate!

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Sal, just in case it still matters after 7 month :) I had the same problems with one of mine. I replaced the battery did a complete restore and it fixed those symptoms after that.


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Had same problem. Went to local independant repair man. He reseated the main board: voila, problem solved!

JJ -the Netherlands

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jj and oldturkey's advice is pretty good. phone rebooting/resetting is usually signs of battery problem-either bad connection following a drop, or because it's old..


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Try to get new logic board.


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bit extreme and costly, I'd first try the simple things... reset/restore/battery etc before going and spending all my money on a new logicboard.


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