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How do I open my keyboard for repair

One of the keys on my keyboard is not working. How do I open the keyboard to repair the broken key?

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Which keyboard wired or wireless? Have you removed the key to check for obstructions under it?


What keyboard is this? The device is not the iMac, but the keyboard, that's what we need to know.


The Aluminum keyboard came with this machine.


It would depend on wireless versus non wireless though.


It is the Aluminum keyboard came with this machine- non wireless


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Here's a link on how to get that done: http://skeltoac.com/2007/10/22/apple-key...


Since I answered this I've written a teardown on this: Apple Wireless Keyboard (A1255) Teardown

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+ Good link Ralph


great teardown mayer...is this a newer version?


Polly - that's an ominous question, "newest version"? It's the newest I've seen.


No, I mean latest teardown... You did one previous to this?? Silly sausage! You'll jinx my keyboard


Yes, it's the newest keyboard teardown I've done. I love British colloquialisms, they give me a grin.


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Hey Eddie

The video provided above is for a Magic Keyboard, this is a different repair than your wired keyboard.

The type of keyboard that you are describing is the traditional wired Apple Keyboard with Number Pad. To fix a key you don't need to open the back of the keyboard, you can pull the key up from the front to access that specific keys components.

Otherwise, to open the back of the keyboard, you should be able to take a flat head and unsnap the outer edges and tops of the white plate

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