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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Power Issue

Hey dudes,

Just casting my net for a bit of advice on this one...

Looking at a 15" first gen powerbook at the moment, the symptoms are that when the user shuts down he cannot restart until he has left the unit alone for a few hours (usually the next morning).

I suspected PRAM Battery, but I have taken that out and I'm getting 4v ok a little bit high but nothing that really should cause concern.

When you power on it will pass POST but then after about 1 minute it will just die and switch off, normal battery checks out fine.

Some other notes are that it doesnt go into TD mode when in this "state" and also you cant clear the PRAM cache - only get one bong and then that's it.

any ideas?


This is weird I cannot see the logic behind this. I have powered on without the PRAM battery and still the same fault.

So I thought maybe the processor but if there was something wrong with the processor - like the thermal paste was bad then it surely wouldnt boot up at all. Or would be more intermitant.


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could be the dc-in board...

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