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7,9 Zoll Display / Modell A1432 / Verfügbar in schwarz und weiß / Angekündigt am 23. Oktober 2012 / 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität

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do I need to replace the adhesive after ipad mini screen?

need to know if i need to replace it after a repair? :)

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what to do if the screen keeps popping up after i replace the screen


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yes. after cleaning all traces of the old adhesive away by using some sort of sticker remover/goo gone substance and then going over that with alcohol.

If you don't, then your new screen will develop a lift and dust will enter over time.


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what type of adhesive do i use?

and what type of alcohol?? :)


most of the aftermarket digitizer assemblies these days come with a pre-mounted black adhesive sticker on them--you just pull the covering off the sticker after your dry fit.

90% Rubbing alcohol for your final clean up of the frame. In my experience, the combination of sticker pen, rubbing (isopropanol) alcohol, and pre-installed black adhesive is perfect for a professional finish. Just make sure not to forget to pull the inner plastic covering the inside of the digitizer, and make sure to dry fit first and test the assembly, and make sure that the digitizer flex cable is bowed toward the LCD, not toward the frame. It will make a nice loop that is gently pushed down to lie on top of the LCD flex---this will allow everything to fit nicely with no lift on your screen.


Jess where do you buy your replacement screens ?


It is hard to find original quality screens in the US for iPad mini. Nothing less than $40 is original, and the copy quality in the mini really sucks.

iFixit does sell original mini screens last time I checked.


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The best adhesives for ipads is from bowler Tech adhesive, it's precut, applies to the frame. It costs $5 and it's worth every penny. The screens I get come with the adhesive on them but I always remove that because it's not as good as the bowler tech.

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And no I'm not getting paid from bowler tech lol


I like BowlerTech adhesives as well, but they are $5---and if you clean the frame well in my experience they don't add any increased benefit over the common adhesives pre-installed on the screens these days. If you are a newbie though, the BowlerTech adhesive is thicker so therefore more forgiving of dust/dirt/ not quite perfect frame etc.


What brand do you recommend? What about Tesa?


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