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The first tablet from the family Iconia Tab B1 (Acer Iconia Tab B1-A71) was announced in January, 2013.

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Why is my picture in negative

My acer tablet has not been dropped or damaged to my knowledge. When I turn it on, the colour is all in negative. I've tried resetting and even just a simple turn off and on. Does anyone know if this can be sorted or does it need to be repaired by a professional.

Any help will be grateful


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same goes to me. i didnt dropped it and when i turned it on after charging all the pictures turn negative.


have you tried to go to settings - Accessibility - Negative Colors


Yes I have tried setting_accessibility. But could not fine negative colors....


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You will need to turn of color inversion. Go to settings, click accessibility, scroll to the bottom, then click color inversion. That should fix it!

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Most likely you have cracked resistor at lcd flex cable

You need to replace it with working one


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