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Can I safely test the digitizer before I reassemble everything again?

hey everyone, I've got two dead digitizers now, the first one i noticed had a small tear in the flex cable (not sure how that happened..) so that was an obvious problem but this second one is in perfect shape. there is no damage to the connections and I have replaced all pieces of tape properly at the bottom of the digitizer. the digitizer is unresponsive.

can i safely test the digitizer before i reassemble everything again?

i know with iphone 5/c/s the flexes need to be folded properly or you have issues. is there a way to improperly fold the ipad mini flexes to render the touch bad? I feel i copied the original correctly.

thanks in advance.

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yes, of course you'll test the digitizer as a dry fit before reassembly.

yes, the iPad mini digitizer flex can crease and take out a digitizer---you're right--model the fold after the original---the digitizer flex makes a loop bending TOWARD the LCD, not a flat crease folding back towards the frame.

Most common reason for dead digitizer is a missing gold pin in the digitizer fpc connector--check carefully. Another reason could be a dead touch ic, that happens rarely.

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Thanks for your reply Jessa, I found the source of my problem, check out the photo

Block Image

you can see an extra connector pin that was jammed in there. i could not find the source of where it may have come loose, but once i plucked it out the digitizer worked correctly!

lesson learned, closely examine new parts before burying them inside a device.

i believe this loose extra pin was stuck inside the connector of my first digitizer and it jammed itself into the ipad connector, upon inspection, no connectors were missing a pin.

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Ha--well i bet that parts seller wondered why all the screens he was testing after this one were coming up defective


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