Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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How can I address the F1 error code?

My Cabrio washing machine constantly stops during the wash cycle and shows an F1 error code. I hit pause and start at least 50 times over two hours to complete my wash. Is there a part I can replace so that my wash cycle operates properly?

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An Luther then the f1 error code at the same time e9 appears an door will not open


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Usually, it's a problem with the control board. By replacing the control board, you should be able to fix the problem. However, it might also be a problem with the hose, something might be stuck in the hose. There is even a web site dedicated to the F1 error :) Whirlpool F1 Error web site. There you can find detailed instructions on how to check and clean the hose or if needed, replace the control board and also where to buy a proper one.

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i have a washer the front loader and when i press start it dosnt even do anything just f1

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What if it just shows an f flashing?

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Common, Water Pump. ( Clogged or Broken )

to get door to open, use wet-dry vacume to pull water out from washer, by vacumming water out from drain hose. ( the tube that goes to the hole in your wall. =-D)

Soap dispenser Missing Magnet sensor, or soap dispenser is not all the way in.

Motor control Unit is bad, or door lock solenoid is damaged.

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Drain pump. (take wet dry vac-vacume water out of washer through drain hose)

try machine again.) works( replace pump)

soap dispenser bad or half out.

bad motor control or door lock solenoid is bad replace door lock.

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