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Amazon's second generation e-reader with a 6'' e-ink display, five-way controller, and QWERTY keyboard.

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My grandfather got his Kindle wet. :( Can we save it?

First we left it sitting in rice overnight. Then we took it apart stopping before removing the screen and EMI shields. We left it in this state for a couple of days & put it back together. Everything seems to work correctly except each time you change the screen it keeps a residual image of the last one. This eventually gets so bad the screen becomes unreadably dark.

He paid a site for repair advice & they suggested taking it completely apart again and rinsing everything with deionized water or PCB spray (?). I'm a little concerned about adding more liquid to the mix &/or causing more damage. Any suggestions?

By the way, he's 96 years old and lives on a fairly fixed income, so less expensive options would be better. Thanks! :)

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The PCB spray is an electronic cleaner (PCB = Printed Circuit Board)

i always use those cleaners for fluid damages - they are not extremely expensive - i paid for my 400ml (13.5 US fl oz) around 18$ (but it's not a no name stuff).

get some electronic cleaners, you only need the smalles one you can get - or simply use isopropyl alcohol with more than 90%. us a soft paintbrush to clean the contacts - since you're having problems with the screen - look at the connector and clean that too.

look out for "white/greenish" stuff on the logic board - clean that, carefully but try to get rid of it, that stuff shortens the electronic of the device.

let it dry and after that - reassemble it

good luck

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Ok, I have access to high grade alcohol. Should we try removing the screen & EMI shields or does the risk of causing more damage outweigh the possible good?


Well, I picked it up this evening & it's much better. The screen is pretty much back to normal. The only problem now is that it wants to type the letter q continuously, which stops it from being true usable. Any ideas?


maybe there is to much pressure on the screen, that could led to some strage problems, try to start the kindle without the case!


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