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15.6" Asus multimedia laptop released in 2012.

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freezes during the game play


My asus laptop freezes when im playing games especially when it uses Nvidia graphic card. Weird sound comes also when it freezes and there is no way to get rid of this freeze screen it pushes me to use power button to shut down my laptop. Sometimes it gives a warning which is nvidia kernel driver crash but im an engineer of electrical&electronics and im sure that this is not about the driver or software problem. I've sent my laptop to service twice and they are saying that there is no problem that they've noticed. Does anyone help about it because this technical service sucks.

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Hi, i have an Asus N55SL and i'm having the same issue for a month which is driving me insane. i surfed a lot of forums, websites and everything related to this issue. i just discovered it is not the RAM or Hard Drive malfunction. It is just about the NVIDIA drivers. since they release new drivers for new GPUs and new games they somehow neglect the old GPU holders. NVIDIA is giving a very bad service these days. so i just give you some advise which may help you deal with it. (not worked for me, worked for some people)

- first of all if you are able to reinstall your windows, just do it. otherwise skip it (which is not recommended)

- remove your NVIDIA Driver with a proper driver uninstaller like this one: Display Driver Uninstaller

- Try to roll back to 314.22 by performing a clean installation. you can download it from NVIDIA website.

- after installing and restarting your notebook, do this one:

NVIDIA Control Panel>adjust image settings with preview>use my preference emphasizing: Performance

well, for me everything was okay for 2 weeks with zero errors or freezes, but it started again....and the mystery still continues...

anyway, i wish it works out for you, otherwise if you discovered the solution please mail it to me: warx_1992@hotmail.com

good luck

Mohammad Ali


P.S: finally found the permanent soultion. simple and easy:

download and install all the components from Windows Updater. let it include NVIDIA Driver as well. it automatically downloads the most proper driver for your system. for me it installed 327.02 which can't be found in NVIDIA website. and now my system works as it should.

again thanks to microsoft for cleaning NVIDIA's mess....

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