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Released around 2010, the Dell Inspiron 15R N5010 is a 15-inch laptop with an Intel processor and dedicated ATI Radeon graphics card.

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Problem with display black screen with 8 beeps


I am using dell Dell Inspiron N5010 for the past 4 years, i had a battery backup problem too,

Now i am facing problem with display when i power on,

when i switch on the laptop the power led are glow but there is no display(black screen) and i am getting 8 beep sounds.

I came to know it may be a LCD failure or motherboard or graphic chip set problem. what will be the cost to get it repaired

Update (11/18/2015)

I had given it for repair again, after changing the LCD strip, they said problem with keypad replaced with new one it works again same problem. Now the repair guys were doing experiment and saying the issue with mother board only don't know what to do

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dell lap <<<not booting

reg :

i have a problem that my pc is not booting even the booting menu it is staying black screen when we on it model number inspiren Is 3521


alienware 8beep problem


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fix is simple - turn off laptop - hold D keep hold D turn on - Wait - 8 beeps Still holding D turn off - Still holding D turn on - 8 beeps do this until your screen displays colors green wine blue let go of D and then it will turn on.

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remember this problems what to do?


I dont understand your question?


Seems to work. Thank u


I did as you directed. Powered up and repaired itself. Iade the mistake of turning it off thinking the problem was fixed

I tried to restart with "D" again as previously but it isn't working this time. Any suggestions?


Thanks... Tried multiple options. But, this really worked... The screen came up while holding D key and power on the laptop :)


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mahesh, 8 Beeps is usually a LCD or cable failure. Try this first :

"If the LCD on the system does not show any display, here are some basic steps that you can perform:

Remove the battery and AC Adapter from the laptop and press the power button down for about 10-15 seconds to release flea power.

Power up the system and then press the F12 key during the boot process to get to the Boot Menu, if you are able to see the display.

It may be necessary to repeatedly press the key during the start-up process.

Use the up and down arrow keys to select <Diagnostics> on the menu and press the Enter key.


Hold down the Fn (function) key

Power on the notebook

You should then see the Dell logo screen with the message 'Diagnostic boot selected' in the top corner.

You can then release the keys

While the LCD BIST test runs, the LCD is operating on its own, free of the video controller, which may be discrete (a video card) or on board (on the system board). The test allows you to distinguish an LCD panel problem from a problem with the controller. If the colors are displayed across the screen without a problem, then the issue is not with the LCD." from here. Should you have a broken LCD, I would contact Dell and talk to them about the warranty issues. It is possible that they still honor the original warranty. If not, then the cost of repair will be yours, but at this point you really have nothing to lose. The LCD is available for around $100USD and the mother board for around $150USD. Hope this helps, good luck.

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i tried with all those tips but doesn't work, gave it for repair there they change the LCD strip its working fine for one day and again the same problem repeated.

what to do now? help me


same problem with me. gave it for repair, they stolen 1500 rs and after 15 days again same problem. what should i do now?


They are saying motherboard issue, which need to replace. is this true or issue is something different?


I have the problem and the solution is to cover the grill that allows cooling air to the fan with your hand for a minute. Restart the computer!


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