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How to replace a cooling fan in a UPS APC RS 1500G?

I need to replace a cooling fan in my Back-UPS PRO 1500, but I don't know how to disassemble it.

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hey mate, replacing the cooling fan/disassembling the UPS unit, should be to hard. First off, just the general electrical safety, unplug everything, and remove the batteries. Also, you should ideally leave it powered down and have the batteries removed for a day or two (I'll explain in a later note) Now from looking at photos of the unit, and my general experience with UPS's, there should be screws on its rear assembly (for your UPS there are 6 Phillips #2 screws). Remove them and try to lightly pry, around the seems of the unit, and it open it up (just like any other electronic goods). If not, look for any other screws (such as under the unit, under labels etc)From there, locate the fan and remove/replace it. you might need to remove some other internal components, most likely using a Phillips #2 driver.

Just a side note, has high voltage components inside of it (i.e. capacitors, hence leaving it starved of any power source), that can either cause you injury, electrocution or worse. You can also damage the circuity if you bridge their contacts. Be careful when working on it or ask a friend who knows what they are doing or is a electrician, if you are not personally confident to repair it. I personally recommend, and also do use insulated screwdrivers etc when working on things like this, for my job and at home.

This video might help. It is for the Back-UPS Pro 900, but should give the general gist of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz7Jp95u... APC

I hope this helps you out

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Thanks a lot! :)


No worries mate :)


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