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The AlphaSmart Pro (Model ALF-C01) combines the accessibility of a laptop with the function of a desktop computer in a convenient keyboard-sized device. Released in 1995, this word-processing device is able to send and receive data from desktop computers.

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Why is nothing showing on the screen when I start typing?

Why is the information I am typing into the device not showing up on the screen?

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  • If the screen is blank and you cannot see the cursor on the screen, then your batteries may be too low. Check your batteries to make sure they are properly inserted and oriented as indicated in the battery cavity. If problem still persists, connect your AC adapter into your AlphaSmart Pro to power on the device. If the device turns on, your batteries are discharged and need replacing.
  • If the file appears empty, press the Clear File key to erase the file. This should clear space in your file and allow you to input text. Sometimes the file recovery command (Option-3€-R) gets hit by mistake. This command recovers all data, including any unnecessary text in your memory and places the data at the end of your files. If you have any text you would like to save , go to the end of the file by pressing the End key and erase any unwanted text by using the Delete key.

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Keyboard won't print

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when I try to type in youtube It shows up but I don't see the videos to watch

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this what happened, I tried to type in YouTube it showed up but I couldn't see the videos to watch


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