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The UP! Plus 2 is a 3D printer manufactured by PP3DP for home or professional use and is capable of printing objects of up to 140W x 140D x 135H (mm).

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How can I tell if my nozzle needs to be replaced?

I have the same model printer and recently I've been having inconsistent prints, I think the problem is stemming from a clogged print head, but I'm not sure. If I try to extrude plastic before actually executing the print, the plastic comes out fine, but at an angle and not in a constant line as it did when I first received the printer. Any suggestions, or advice?

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Your nozzle is probably jammed with a lot of debris. This happens over time because of static cling. This means the plastic spool is exposed to dust that drifts through the printers working area and tends to transport down to the extruder. This results in not burning in a complete constant line. The quickest solution would be to replace your nozzle or to clean it thoroughly.

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