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Manufactured in 2004/ 2 gallon tank/Oilless Compressor/ Model number FP204800/ Repair for this compressor is straight forward.

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Why is my compressor outputting water?

When using my compressor, sometimes small amounts of water come out along with air.

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Eric, anytime when you compress air, the pressure increases. If the dew point of the incoming air is high enough, this will cause the water vapor to condense upon compression. This is what is causing water to form as droplets. The longer you run your compressor the more water you will get. Compressors have a water drain to get rid of the water, drain it daily or after use. You would need an air dryer and a water separator to significantly decrease the water formation, and subsequential prevent air tools from rusting etc. This is common for all air compressors. Hope this explains, good luck.

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It is possible that condensation is building within the pressure lines of the compressor. As this condensation builds up, the compressor may start to output some water which is no worry. Best thing to do would be to drain the compressor to get any excess water out of the lines; however, the water does not indicate a compressor malfunction.

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