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The global version of the Asus PadFone X, the PadFone S was released in June 2014. The replacement of some of the parts of this phone will require a screwdriver, plastic prying tools and tweezers. The device comes in black and white.

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Why isn’t my PadFone S responding to touch?

My phone has completely stopped working and won't make the commands I want it to. The power button and side buttons seem to be working, but that's it.

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Your phone might be frozen and is stuck processing information. A restart should reset the phone and unfreeze it. Restart the phone by holding down the power key to pull up a menu. This should override other processes and you should be able to select “Restart” on the menu. If your phone is still unresponsive to touch, go to the troubleshooting page to try other solutions.

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