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The ASUS PadFone X is a revolutionary 5-inch Full-HD LTE Android smartphone that can be easily transformed into a 9-inch Full-HD LTE Tablet. ASUS released the device in June of 2014 and is identified by model number T00D.

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Why does my battery drain so quickly?

On other smartphones that I have had, the battery would last a day. However, with my Padfone X, the battery only lasts a few hours before it needs a charge. Is there something wrong with my phone? Do I potentially need another battery?

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There are several potential factors that could greatly reduce your battery life. The display uses the most battery power, so to start it is recommended that you turn down the brightness. Also check for any applications that you are not using, but are still running in the background. Close these applications. If you are not using WIFI, you can turn it off so your phone is not constantly searching for a signal. After making these changes, if your battery still

drains quickly, then you may simply have to replace the battery.

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