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I lost the USB for my wireless keyboard. Can this be replaced?

I have several wireless keyboards and mice that were separated from their mini USB devices. Now I can't use these keyboards and mice. Is there a way to get another connector? Or am I forced to trash these perfectly good keyboards?

Update (11/13/2014)

My Dell keyboard and mouse are not Bluetooth. They used a mini USB connector. Is it true that each wireless keyboard and mouse are programmed to an individual USB? So if I lose the USB, the keyboard is useless, right? I think that is such a waste of a perfectly good keyboard! I'm trying to contact Dell right now but it's hard to navigate their website to leave my questions. I'll keep trying.

Thanks for the feedback!

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If anyone have any solution then please tell me my new dell keyboard and mouse are useless without their reciever.


Can this item Logitech Unifying receiver work with my ETV Interactive mouse and keyboard?

If anyone have any solution then please tell me my new dell keyboard and mouse are useless without their receiver.

September 30, 2016 by Calvin Bikeck


my dell keyboard and mouse not working when i connect dell wireless usb in my laptop usb port then connecter is heat automatically and i can't use mouse and keyboard so please give me soluation. i have all driver installed.


does it work for iball wireless set too?


I found the dongle its actually a dongle from logitech but its the same part number. U0007, amazon sells it for $10


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Have you tried talking with Dell? They may offer a replacement part.

Here's what I could find online: Dell C-UV35 USB Wireless Bluetooth Receiver Dongle. Does yours look like this?

If your keyboard & mouse are Bluetooth then any Bluetooth dongle should work. Heres one thats cheaper: Logitech Unifying Receiver USB Dongle.

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I contacted Dell recently and they still do not sell the separate unifying receiver. It looks just like the Logitech receiver but not sure if they are interchangeable. Has anyone had any luck with a Logitech receiver on Dell mouse and keyboard?


I had my laptop stolen with the receiver plugged into it and now have a KM714 keyboard and mouse with no receiver and dont quite know if I can still use them or are they now useless. No luck on any websites ie Dell or Logitech for any support or answer to my question.


Guys, is it possible that there are software drivers that could replace the dongle in case it was lost?


There is the physical part and the software part.

If you lost the USB dongle unit, software won't help you.


Dell has a file that lets you install a control panel so you can pair up to 6 wireless components to your computer this is especially goof if you have lost your dongle, I downloaded this file myself tonight an easily installed a new dongle that I got from eBay seller, and also they can be found on amazon

Reference this link it gives the instructions and how to get the file for free.



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If it is a unifying keyboard/mouse, buy the unifying dongle, download the Logitech unifying software and connect upto 6 keyboards and mice..

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Did this unifying dongle works with Dell keyboard & mouse ?


No Dell and logitech doesn't reach each other


How to identify whether Mouse & keyboard are unifying or not?


I lost my wireless dongle for my Microsoft sculpt erogomic keyboard and mouse cud I please solve my problem

The dongle of that is broken into two pieces


what about Lenovo Keyboard & Mouse


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Sorry that this won't actually solve your problem, but if you do end up buying another mouse/keyboard set-up, may I suggest SIIG "Wireless Extra-Duo Keyboard and Mouse Combo" (#JK-WR0J12-S1)?

And my suggestion comes with these two reasons,

1. Very economical and built fairly well (Have had mine for over 2 years now) but the coup de grâce is definately:

2. It has a slot to store your usb dongle in when you are on the move, keeping it from sticking out and braking as you drag it in and out of your bag, drawer, what have you. Or worse, twisting your USB internal port to non-compliance with your motherboard!

Just a friendly suggestion, and here's a picture of where the storage area is. And it really holds it tight, hasn't fallen out on its own on me yet.

Hope this helps someone!

Block Image

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